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Skill Enhancement Program for iScrub Employees

iScrubs vision is to be more than an employer. We strongly believe in the power of lifelong learning and we want to provide employees with skills to better their lives. Immigrants make up a large percentage of the cleaning workforce in Ontario. Immigrants that come to Canada often find language and the lack of relevant skills a barrier to higher wage jobs. iScrub is a cleaning company, but we are also a completely web based e-commerce company that requires many employees to have strong 21st century skills. An employee may start off as a cleaner, but have aspirations to work on the technology side of iScrub. Additionally, iScrub will be launching additions to our platform within the next year. Stay tuned for exciting things to come. These enhancements to the company will provide more job opportunities in our community and the need for skills trained employees. We are passionate about people-empowering technology. With the proper training, there is room for advancement at iScrub and it is our vision to train and hire from within the company whenever possible and to qualify our own employees for these new positions. Studies show that when employees are given a chance to learn and train on the job, it encourages loyalty, increases morale, self esteem and mental health.

iScrub offers training for employees that want to improve their:

  1. Soft Skills (written and verbal communications skills, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, conflict resolution and leadership skills).
  2. Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Optimization.
  3. Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Marketing Strategies and Web Analytics).
  4. Graphics & Design (Social Media Design, Flyers & Brochures, and Photoshop Editing).
  5. Video & Animation (Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Short Video Ads.
  6. Programming & Tech (Support & IT and Data Analysis & Reports).
  7. Business (Virtual Assistant, Web Based Payroll, Web Based Texting Service, G-Suites, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Forms).